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Riddle Me SciFi Excited

    It shouldn’t be much of a surprise, but yet another SciFi Junkie post. Just a quickie though, it’s football Sunday and I still have one other blog I want roll out. I’ve been doing my Sunday morning geek out on ze Twitter Feeds and movie fandom updating from the hundreds of emails I get a day to my movie news email. Oh, and then I realized I didn’t have my IMDB setup properly under me nor a fitting profile (WIP). So I began re-adding my Watchlists films and did a quick check on a film I’m very, very excited for.

    Then I saw all the castings since I last checked. Huzzah this is going to be a great film. Only, I’m not sure how well I feel Damon fits into the SciFi genre. While the pitiful philosophy that was Elysium’s mechanics for its ridiculous version of a ‘suit’ was an utter and total phail within such a promising platform, we’ll give him one more shot. However, I think this is more of a dramatic, hard scifi role than a Space Western. So, he may do well enough.

Now…to which am I referring?

Also, the end of the year is looking to be a fun in the theaters. There’s a lot of SciFi’s I am looking forward to watching and I def plan on seeing Ender’s Game, Thor and Smaug all at the Cineplex. Talk about comfort! :score:

Thor look’s fookin awesome. Keep up the momentum, SciFi!


Not many films have me literally sitting on the seat’s edge, head kinked almost looking at the screen from the corners of my eyes breathing in bursts for . . . The.Entire.Film. like Gravity had.

Slow Clap. Standing Ovation. Well.Fraken.Done!

Ok. Yeah, I have to admit that may be a bit of a biased opinion. OR, it’s spot friggin on mein! Critics, yeah they are spotting it at 98%! with movie-goers (both in and out of the SciFi population) giving Gravity a 91%.

I’ve told a few of my friends who still listen to my SciFi ramblings (I don’t get called Mulder too much no more) that I had been looking forward to this film for a long time and a number of reasons. The pure thought of experiencing space in an IMAX 3D environment is about as close to the real thing as this geek is ever going to get, for starters. Well, until virtual reality at which I’ll probably fall victim to the VR Plauge. Sad, I know; but I’d busy myself being a “naughty vampire God.”

The most excitement I got from the simple implication of watching this film brought back my childhood memories when I’d lie in bed, eyes closed pondering the depth of space. I’d let myself look further and further never finding any answer nor end. -.- Duh. But…the endlessness in the possibility of how far space went and, well, the endless possibilities of space was sometimes frightening.

This terrifying space thriller is of a different fright, but no less frigid than the cold your neck-hair chills in from those terrifying entanglements.

The views are spectacular feeling like your own personal television with direct IMAX access to a NASA camera. The intensity of its awe being out there and the sheer velocity of the ride spectators embark on are exhilarating with every rushed exhale.

It’s Dr. Ryan Stone’s (Bullock) first time in space. In fact, she isn’t a career astronaut but a medical engineer. So what’s she doing in space with the veteran astronaut Kowalski (Clooney)?

You should know right off the bat the other guy dies…*lifting right hand to count off fingers, thumb then pointer* Clooney…Bullock…nope, *takes aim at third wheel* dude must have a red t-shirt on underneath that suit.

The good doctor just so happens to be incorporating some of her tech on to . . . ze Hubblez. Noice. She even gets a round of applause over comms from her fellow rocket scientist nerds. Clooney was his charming usual self as both the comedic presence and supporting role. We laugh with him, we cheer for him, even held a breath as I said, “oh shat he didn’t.”

It’s a heart-drilling, edge of your seat, one catastrophe to another thriller you’ll be glad you experienced. From the zero-g, high velocity whipping of the shuttle’s arm with Stone riding shotgun to the ISS escape and a long drift be sure to let your fingers rest from whatever you’re clinging to. This film is pace packed so prepare to wonder what in the hell else they gotta go through in an empty environment. One where they don’t even know if there is any help and nor can they count on it with “in the blind” communications.

In the end, while I so very much wanted to see the mission rescue, the press, the publicity, and her story told I sat back taking in a deep breath slowing my heart rate. I raised a straight-fisted arm joining in with her standing perseverance admiring the motivating warmth you can’t help but feel. What an experience. That was her story, I thoughtfully conceded.

This has Oscars written all over the landscapes of it stars, no doubt.

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