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Total Reversal

I first want to point out I have always advocated with family and friends that we as a planet need to unite to reach our potential. But that potential has been prohibited for a very long time to steal the world’s resources (money, man power, management).

These quotes from President Obama are from his address to the UN while the Pope was in town.

History has shown that regimes who fear their own people will eventually crumble…but strong institutions built on the consent of the Government will endure long after any one individual is gone.

Translation: History has shown when Governments fear their own people will fail, but strong Government programs built at the authority [and subsequently fear] of the Government will endure even if one person’s ‘voting power’ is gone [OR if a lone leader is gone because another would be appointed. I don’t see any subject that sentence could refer to other than the two noted-given its context].

Then we have our version, “When Governments fear its people there is Liberty but when people fear the Government there is Tyranny.” – Thomas Jefferson.

A closer look at the graphs in the tweet. Nice try on that spin, Mr. President.

This last one should open those eyes a little bit.

So…who would you rather?

Follow “regimes who fear their own people will eventually crumble …” – President Obama


When Governments fear its people there is Liberty – Thomas Jefferson


Edit: [Found this scary-little-gem while doing research on gun control.

“History shows that all conquerors who have allowed their subject races to carry arms have prepared their own downfall by doing so.” – Adolph Hitler 1938.

Wordplay, but almost verbatim what Obama said in a Total Reversal of the founding fathers’ constitutional intentions.]


Additionally, while people tote “New World Order” what, no one’s saying that? (and when in fact that very term has been used . . .)

International Order / International Governance / New World Order . . . Semantics

Now, again, I have always advocated with family and friends that we as a planet need to unite to reach our potential. But that potential has been prohibited for a very long time to steal the world’s resources (money, man power, management).

We first need to be, as a whole, ALERT to what is happening.

Our Awareness is our weapon.



This is Probably Social Suicide.

And I don’t mind the sacrifice.

I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about how to approach this. I’ve even asked friends and acquaintances for their thoughts, confronting them with some of the truths I am hoping to help distribute, for help on how to get the attention of not only my relatives, but friends and acquaintances. I am hoping some eyes pop and they cannot help but share the information-as I feel overwhelmingly driven to disseminate.

Not even a month ago I was asking my father for advice on how best to negotiate a pay raise, and I was hoping to do this with both my employers. I do work two jobs, which are related but distinctly different. I work two jobs to pay off these school loans, car loan, and living expenses here in good`ol SoCal. Yeeeeey, we pay for weather that our Govt is ensuring we really pay for it [Geoengineering a drought]. I’ve already written an article arguing the Government’s campaign to blame California residents for water waste. The data (ya know, that mathematical stuff) clearly paints a contradictory picture…if one looks for the information rather than listening to a scripted version of a story.

So here I was working out some discussion points to base off of and I hear that some new Ancient Aliens episodes are out. Cools! More imagination pr0n to research for myself. [Coincidently, or not, a lot of the information I have heard on Ancient Aliens is information I had researched some ten years back for shit and giggles-guess I should had gone into expolotics or UFOlogy.] So, I turned em on and got hooked, again, on what the shows suggest begging one to discover an opinion for oneself.

And thus it began. The literal rabbit hole.

Now I know I may have been acting a bit hysterical, but that is expected when you realize what you’re reading and that they are not crazy theories but empirically explained. Let me repeat that, they are empirically explained. I am not talking about conjecture or logic, I am talking about official documentation supporting the information (Look for my Infographic series, “40 Outrageous Facts You Need to Know”).

But c’mon, there are CLEAR pictures of UFOs and persons in ‘space suits’ on PYRAMIDS.

There is proof, hard evidence, that civilizations existed ON this planet as far back as 10,000 years ago.


Moving on.

The issue: Getting those who only listen to stop, look, and research for themselves.

Why: If it isn’t already becoming more and more evident, the truths are NOT told.

No, really, why?: That really isn’t an easy answer. Without clearing some of the fog that layers our forethoughts, this truth is not only hard to get to but also extraordinarily difficult to digest. It needs to be set up, or we lose the audience. And the audience, you, are so very important.

  • You matter.
  • You CAN make a difference.
  • You ARE a part of everything.
  • Your ONE vote does have weight (am working on this article too).
  • You DO want to know this information.
  • It IS a matter of your physical and spiritual survival.

And, however your religious, spiritual, or intellectual beliefs stand-there does appear to be an equally opposing force to the negativity that has been driving this planet’s leadership for Far.Too.Long.

But again, it is NOT without me, you, us, and everyone else to push away from the evils, crimes, and hatred we are seeing in vast quantities this very day. Google it. The world is teetering on a scary edge and this is NOT opinion. Again, this is fact. Don’t make me link another Let Me Google That For you. ; )

How is this possible: The media is controlled.

How again: 42 (It’s the ultimate answer to life, the universe and everything – had to get some kind of geeky comment in here). There really is a Cabal, Illuminati, Luciferian agenda and there is absolute EVIDENCE to this (if you think these are coincidences, I challenge you to take five pages from any magazine, fold one some random way and see it is has a very clear image. Then, fold those other four pages the exact same way…are there identifiable images? See how these can NOT be a coincidence).

A challenge to research:

The highly violent Jesuit order was removed from the Vatican order in 1773, the Bavarian Illuminati (Jesuit lead) was created in 1776 (ring a bell? Look at the “Graphic Money” post).

Pass it forward and use it


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