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Why do I keep hearing about a drought?

Are you watching the news, or listening to it? Well, I don’t really watch the news but I do both listen to and research it. That includes listing to KOGO AM 600 and KFI AM 640. Much like Wikipedia, an informational outlet is only as good as its contributors. Since we don’t always know who those are, the interwebs is where I eventually end up spamming the search engines for various angles and hard data.

One of the reasons why you’re still single at 35.

Anyways. Without getting too into the figurative phrases and catchy clichés, this time I decided to dive right into the heart of the data. Now I’m no data expert nor accomplished journalists (Of course he has to poke in with an dissociative response) so take what you read to its source yourself (Really!). There will be gaps in the information (links to suggested connections) that won’t be included in this article.  The fool isn’t mentioning that the data always tells a story, whether it makes sense or not…well.

First of all. What drought? Why are we (those of us who aren’t ginormous business owners who go poking at Mr. or Ms. Politician reminding em of their personal interes…excuse me, political contributions) being slapped in…frak that, punched in the gut to only expose our arses  and arms for them to steal more money out of both out wallets and purses alike?

I just don’t get it.

Why, do you ask? How can I NOT get that we’re in a drought when it’s being thrown in our faces everywhere we go with all these new ‘regulations’ and witch hunts to lessen the waste and worts on water use?

Maybe because just recently (3 days ago news) CA Governor Brown allows (via political proxy) Crystal Geyser to start sucking up 115,000 gallons of fresh water A DAY for their commercial purposes¹.

Governor Jerry Brown, who has come under fire for imposing a 25% reduction in water use on cities and municipalities but not on farms, signed a relatively toothless law last year that gave the state no power to assign rights to groundwater use.


Can’t have people having their water, but we do need to ensure Mr. and Ms. Contributor make their profits.


Waste? Or a waste to a contributors’ profits? This reminds me of SDGE being allowed to hike up prices simply so they could recover lost profits².

Now SDG&E is asking the utilities commission for permission to automatically bill customers for uninsured costs from past and future wildfires. The money for those losses has to come from either SDG&E’s customers or its investors. Because SDG&E is a regulated utility company, it has to get approval from state regulators before charging customers.

That bold text there, that’s one of them suggested connections I mentioned earlier. That in itself is a whooooole nother article.


Umm, excuse me. It’s a business. Does a business NOT carry risk?  We simple people (We the people … ) just don’t have enough money to buy politicians. Sadly, that’s legal here in The U.S thanks to the ambiguity of Super PACS.

Now we’re seeing commercial companies run the State, at least in these couple of examples-and folks this is a drop in the pot.

Back to that pool (or “they’d” have us see it as a pot), however.

Water use. Water use. Water use. You need to cut back, don’t use your dishwasher, let your grass die. Report your neighbor to the stake! Ugh…frak…State!

We’re all hearing about it. Well, what the frak IS that water use by us water-wasting Californians?  This is when I started digging around various data-driven sites to not only see how the data ws being represented but also wanting to get that data so I could cross reference it with contextual data. (Jiminy Christmas Batman would you stop with the DATA already!)  I mean, how inappropriate to highlight just a single factor in a formula?

Aaand there went 15 minutes trying to find a clip from Iron Man 2’s court scene when Rhodes argues reading a single statement from a report.

The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) group defines water use by :

  • Public Supply
  • Self-Supplied Domestic
  • Irrigation
  • Live Stock
  • Aqua-culture
  • Self-Supplied Industrial
  • Mining
  • Thermoelectric Power


Ok, so there it is. Yup. We Californians and Texans sure are using a shat ton of water³.

Oh wait, allow me make that easier to understand :

  • Public
  • Public
  • Commercial
  • Commercial
  • Commercial
  • Commercial
  • Commercial
  • Commercial



Well now you’re probably wondering, Ok, what the frak. How and WHY IN THE HELL are we residents being penalized for water use in California when we’re not even the problem. Seriously …


Let’s take a more specific look at, now, our confusion.



What the frak man!

Ok, so what bout our public demand of water compared to the rest of the nation? Better question! How does that water demand measure up against population (Next article will compare average use with average requisites to actual usage).


I don’t see us as the water wasters here. We appear (next article will attempt to validate that thought) to be using the equivalent of our population’s demand. Other states, however, don’t seem to be on that trend. But hey, naughty us Californians!! (@&_@$$#^)#&@^Vrigniia@(&@)$*) –Stupid cat– Next article will also include at what % are those water wasting states wasting water compared to their population’s demands. And one mustn’t forget about supply!


But before I part.



Sources :

1.  Gumbel, A. (2015, April 19). California drought spurs protest over ‘unconscionable’ bottled water busines. Retrieved May 15, 2015, from

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Somewhere In The Middle of The Book

That’s all you get for an indicator of where in context this happens.

“Three days. Three!”

“Yeah. And I don’t think it’s changing anytime soon.”

“Frak that. This shit needs to give. I want my fraking info back.”

“Dude. You have your life back, look around while you can.”

“Maybe you do, Rick. But me, may I die of the ‘VR Plague’ and gimme my damn net already.”

Rick let the reference slide because he dare not enflame the rage. He had heard Blake say it before and remembered it having something to do with virtual reality and incorporating…or something.

His friend’s query snapped him out of his own internal, “Wait…what, Rick? Not ‘changing anytime soon’?”

Rick quizzically raised an eyebrow, “I really doubt … well, you have to. That shit going on before the, well, communication’s blackout. You remember it, right?”

That’s exactly what I’m talking about! I need to find out just what in the hell is going on.”

“You? I am sure just about every other person is on about the same thing. ” Rick let the fact sink in a little following with, “Take a breath muld. A lot of people are” pausing to find the right word remembering a practice his very own friend preaches as a office professional, “reacting rather than acting. We’re reacting right now. That how you want to go about all this?”

Blake paused, looking around as his friend suggested. It actually was a beautiful Sunday morning, just passed 11:00 am and the two were heading North up the Interstate 15 in Rick’s Sequoia.

He let his head rest against the seat squinting up toward the reflecting sunlight. The car provided a soothing, rhythmic bounce as the still developing Temecula city passed by in nothing more than blurred blocks and strobbing sunlight.

The sun was still on its way toward Noon positioning it in a perfect to place to blind Blake if he at all glanced right. The buildings’ interruption were a welcome relief, and shorter enjoyed than he wanted.

“This is it, man. This has to be it.” Unable to relent.

“Are you sure about that? None of us really know anything. It is as much a mystery to that person in the Honda than it is those in the Ford. Nor you and I.”

Blake’s eyes bounced back and forth in his sockets from right to left a couple of times, “Call it a gut feeling then? What are you worried about?”

“All of it. I mean. Why are we racing out there. Actually, I don’t even know why I’m doing this. What am I doing here?” Thinking to himself how his friend is probably pausing to realize how he just cliche’d the conversation.

Again Blake bounced his eyes back in forth searching context for an answer. He slowly began, concluding quickly, “Because you came over asking what was going on.”

“Yeah. But. From that to this!

“Don’t worry, I just want to see what the activity is like around there. Be lucky I don’t wanna challenge the cammo dudes any more than they probably already are” pausing to look over at Rick with nothing short of seriousness, “That sign’s and mine introduction will have to wait for another day.”

“For sure. We aren’t getting anywhere near that thing. But seriously, Blake, do you really think all that is going on?”

Blake sat quiet a few moments. When Rick had arrived this morning Blake’s roommate Justin was loading up his car with all his gear, guns, knives, even bow. He was heading back to Michigan to protect his kids.

A lot more people were playing oblivious, acting like it was hackers who shut everything down right after they pranked the planet with those, interruptions.

For a week everything that used a wave of any sort suffered very random and intermittent interruptions.

The governments couldn’t stop it, not without shutting down virtually every public satellite orbiting Earth.

Some did.

But the signal continued to broadcast, uninterrupted. Repeatedly. Monotonously sometimes.

He’d never forget what everyone had heard over the last week. Radios. Cell phones. Land lines. Televisions. CB radios. Walkie talkies. Theater speakers. Store PA’s. Everywhere.

He’d never forget it. But never understood any of it neither. The wavering static didn’t help the public interpret what they were hearing no more than he could, and probably what governments and other challenging entities were furiously busy at as well.

But there were some things they heard that didn’t need interpretation.

And he’d never forget what he had heard.

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