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Boy did she have some explaining to do.

It isn’t much of a secret that I’m a giant, proud geek and I definitely lurve me some good SciFi. In this I’ve also learned to love it and not linger on it till release. The final product, as we are all well aware of, can be bested by not only its successfully employed propaganda but also our own anticipation of its arrival.

I am guilty of this fimful sin.


When I see a trailer for a new SciFi I get all giddy, and “Lucy” was one I had been looking forward to since I saw it’s first preview. I can’t remember during which film, but I initially had some fears of how Hollywood it’d get and what the writers and produces choose to do (plot wise) with a person using the full capacity of the human brain’s potential.

Johansson playing Lucy definitely further solidifies her place in the female heroin role that certainly border’s on adventure. Since most of you won’t have the two loudest people sitting directly behind you actively going on as if in their own living room throughout the entire film, you’ll get to enjoy both a curiously intriguing, intelligent concept and awe at the imagination of what that might mean.

I also sat lacking faith of what they were going to do with her as she reached that level when time was her toy. My foremost thoughts didn’t want to see what Hollywood might do with the idea that more than one person with this potential is a paradox ripe to rip the fabric of space.


Not too shabby, Hollywood. You went in a mostly acceptable direction, sadly still grasping at what we SciFi writers consistently mock. Just as the Earth wasn’t the center of our solar system, Galaxy, nor Universe, neither are we Earthlings the center of existence. Don’t worry, I’m not giving anything away with this statement but once you reach the end you’ll understand.

I wasn’t at all surprised when I saw headlines this morning of Lucy over Hercules in the box office so far this weekend. Well, yes, she is considerably more hot than Johnson, her character also captures more connections than he. Don’t get me wrong, I think Johnson is a good addition to the A-list and I like his movies. But it is Johansson here…in a SciFi…as a female heroin…egging at all our desires for more…and seriously hawt.

Yeah. That’ll sell tickets.

And you’re not going to be disappointed you bought your own.

Riddle Me SciFi Excited

    It shouldn’t be much of a surprise, but yet another SciFi Junkie post. Just a quickie though, it’s football Sunday and I still have one other blog I want roll out. I’ve been doing my Sunday morning geek out on ze Twitter Feeds and movie fandom updating from the hundreds of emails I get a day to my movie news email. Oh, and then I realized I didn’t have my IMDB setup properly under me nor a fitting profile (WIP). So I began re-adding my Watchlists films and did a quick check on a film I’m very, very excited for.

    Then I saw all the castings since I last checked. Huzzah this is going to be a great film. Only, I’m not sure how well I feel Damon fits into the SciFi genre. While the pitiful philosophy that was Elysium’s mechanics for its ridiculous version of a ‘suit’ was an utter and total phail within such a promising platform, we’ll give him one more shot. However, I think this is more of a dramatic, hard scifi role than a Space Western. So, he may do well enough.

Now…to which am I referring?

Also, the end of the year is looking to be a fun in the theaters. There’s a lot of SciFi’s I am looking forward to watching and I def plan on seeing Ender’s Game, Thor and Smaug all at the Cineplex. Talk about comfort! :score:

Thor look’s fookin awesome. Keep up the momentum, SciFi!

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